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The R1oT hello

Post  The R1oT on 30th October 2009, 1:31 am

Hows it going friends.

Im ganna keep this short, i love CS:s love warcraft (horde tattoo?). i live with my parents and dont have a job, so if u need me on anytime i will be 3 ft away, other then this, i play poker, i play like 10 tournys a week, and i do alright everytime.

my favorite race is shadow hunter, ive said that im the best shadow hunter player there is. and i still believe this is true. my favorite gun is the p228 compact. 13 shots, with .357 sig rounds. i mean come on best pistol in the game.

im 20 years old and im very sarcastic.

im also looking for a 2s partner, so if u want to win hit me up cause i can probley solo the whole thing. <3

also im egotistical sorry but most of it is a joke

The R1oT

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