Cali application

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Cali application

Post  Vampiro on 4th November 2009, 5:55 pm

Name: jordan poland.
Age: 16.
Location: kenosha wisconsin.
In Game Name: cali.
Years Played:4.
Why You Would Like To Join: i enjoy playing in your server and i like your admins, your server has quite funny charicters in it. i enjoy playing in your server because even if im going against someone level 5000 i still stand a chance to kill him even at level 300. i just like your server because its very fair for everyone in it.
Have You Played In A League: cal-i, cal-o and semi cpl.
Choice Of Weapon: m4, ak, scout, glock, deagle, m3, only weapon i hate are the auto snipers auto shotgun and the awp i try to refrain from using them.
Do You Have Any Questions For Us: can i help with your motd, and your website background. i dont need passwords ill just send you pictures and what not.

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