Race: Speeder By, Lazyboi

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Race: Speeder By, Lazyboi

Post  LazyBoi on 31st August 2009, 5:24 pm

Name Speeder knife race
I'm suggesting this to be the very last race cause this is a very OP race Razz
5 to max 4 skills

1. Adrenaline -max speed is 10% more then what Undead Scourge Expert has...
2. InstaKill -3 atk wards all three doing 20 dmg each
3. Notice Nothing - you atk them with 10 dmg only with right click or left click.
4. Command Prompt - Entangle roots for as long as what night elf has when it has entangle roots maxed out


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Post  MrFluffy on 1st September 2009, 2:17 pm

thats a bit too op lol but good ideas.


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