Loho. Banking

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Loho. Banking

Post  DVDC on 12th September 2009, 10:40 am

Fake Banker??? umm my pics arnt showing but zandir was there for evidence

(ADMIN) Loho: changed player Loho cash reserves
For 10$ We Can Make You A Custom Race Talk To [AmG] Vampiro or [AmG] Mr.Fluffy For More Information
Loho : bank
&F®️Õک†¥™️& killed [AmG] DVDC with awp.

[AmG] Zandir</3 killed &F®️Õک†¥™️& with awp.
Loho : bank

*DEAD* &F®️Õک†¥™️& : bank
(ADMIN) Loho: changed player Loho cash reserves
*DEAD* Loho : bank
Bombarder - level: 17 - XP: 1133/1440
Bank: You earned 29$ interest. (Interest rate: 0.05%).
[Source Radio] Type !radio to bring up the radio menu
[Source Radio] Type !radiooff to switch the radio off
[StickyNades] is running. Created by JoeyT2008
[StickyNades] Frag Grenades stick to walls and players.
[StickyNades] Flashbangs stick to walls and players.
Failed to load sound "hollidaysounds\welcome.wav", file probably missing from disk/repository
[AmG] Zandir</3 : top
Loho : bank
Loho : bank
[AmG] Zandir</3 : ? Loho?

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Takin care of

Post  Vampiro on 12th September 2009, 4:04 pm

that person has been perm banned

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