Rules/setup for 2v2 Tournament

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Rules/setup for 2v2 Tournament

Post  Mr.Fluffy on 16th September 2009, 4:29 am

If you are to break any of the following rules stated you will be disqualified.
1. No Shopmenu items

2. No switching partners after ur name and partner have been stated on this fourm. (If
you put someones name on fourm without there consent you will be kicked. we do not allow rape =P)

3. No QQ this is a pew pew game only =] (don't cry about stacked teams... it's your fault deal with your team.)

4. Races will be stated at a diffrent time please keep up to date with this fourm thank you.

5. If you do not show up to your match within a weeks time you will be disqualified.

6. maxed out races ok if stated in rule 4.

7. Don't ask what the prize is we won't tell you.

8. Use the race you put on the fourms.

9. All server rules apply to the tournament as well.

Usable Races:
Night Elf
Blood Mage
Shadow Hunter

1. (people in your team)
2. (Team name if you do not have one keep it blank and get one made ASAP.)
3. (Races you and your partner will use.)
4. (put in your war cry =P just a little fun.)

2v2 will go same as a scrim match once a team has reached 15 rounds won they will change sides then first to 16 rounds won will be the winner.

Enjoy and may the best team or races win Twisted Evil
~[AmG] Admins~


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