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Post  Shandeezy on 7th October 2009, 6:34 pm

I'm Shannon Fly aka. ShanDeezy. I like hop-hop, techno, rap, R&B and Rock. I'm big on music, but don't judge on genre or artist. Only the song. One of my favorite rappers would be Mac Dre or B.O.B favorite band is Linkin Park. And I can't forget about Boyz II Men lol.

I like sports. Basketball is where it's at. Track is fun too, only when I'm in shape though.
I smoke Marlb. Menthol. I have way good grades, 3.6, it's fucking legit. I plan on becoming a Lawyer when I'm older, and hopefully going to Washington state for College.

I smoke, I drank, and I'm fucking sav. So add me on myspace, Aim, what ever. I'm down for what's good.

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